Supreme Court Justices – Republicans and Democrats

June 8, 2012

There is an interesting article in today’s NY Times¬†about how the Supreme Court’s approval rating is down to just 44%, lower than President Obama’s, partly due to the¬†ideologically divided 5-to-4 decisions in Bush v. Gore, which determined the 2000 presidential election, and Citizens United, the 2010 decision allowing unlimited campaign spending by corporations and unions.

Not long ago, there were several justices appointed by Republican presidents that were in the “liberal” camp, such as John Paul Stevens and David Souter. These days, other than Anthony Kennedy, it seems that all the justices nominated by Republicans are staunchly Conservative, and all justices nominated by Democrats are staunchly Liberal, matching what seems to be happening with the US Congress.

Here’s a listing of Supreme Court Justices through history.

What is causing all this divisiveness? I believe it’s in part fueled by people’s increased ability to access news with their own slant, instead of news that’s reasonably unbiased. Conservatives can listen to Rush Limbaugh to continually validate their own opinions, for example.


Supreme Court Religions

October 3, 2009

The Supreme Court formally begins its session on October 5th. Due to a special session, Justice Sonia Sotomayor has already taken her place as the 112th Supreme Court Justice. Of the nine Justices, six are Catholic, two are Jewish and one is Protestant. In fact, the Protestant Justice, John Paul Stevens, is also the oldest, and is rumored to be ready to step down, so it’s possible a year from now the Supreme Court could consist of only Catholic and Jewish Justices.

For a list of Supreme Court Justices through history and more, visit the iWeblists website.

Supreme Court Appointments

November 10, 2008

Now that a Democrat is going to be President for at least four years, the issue of Supreme Court appointments changes. So which Supreme Court Justices may retire over the course of the next four years?

The oldest Supreme Court Justice is John Paul Stevens, born in 1920. Even though he was appointed by President Ford, he’s one of the more liberal Justices on the court. Second oldest is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, born in 1933 and appointed by President Clinton. Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia were both born in 1936.

The longest-serving Justice is John Paul Stevens, at 33 years, followed by Antonin Scalia at 22 years and Anthony Kennedy at 20 years.

More information about the current Supreme Court and Justices throughout history.