Republicans – Nixon & Bush

May 30, 2012

I read an interesting fact recently. The last time the Republicans won an election without either Richard Nixon or a Bush as president or vice president was 1928, when Herbert Hoover beat Alfred Smith. (Hoover lost to FDR in 1932.) Here is a list of presidential tickets.


Supreme Court Religions

October 3, 2009

The Supreme Court formally begins its session on October 5th. Due to a special session, Justice Sonia Sotomayor has already taken her place as the 112th Supreme Court Justice. Of the nine Justices, six are Catholic, two are Jewish and one is Protestant. In fact, the Protestant Justice, John Paul Stevens, is also the oldest, and is rumored to be ready to step down, so it’s possible a year from now the Supreme Court could consist of only Catholic and Jewish Justices.

For a list of Supreme Court Justices through history and more, visit the iWeblists website.

Longest Serving Senators

September 26, 2009

With the death of Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, it’s interesting to note that he was the third longest serving senator. It’s also interesting to note that the two serving longer are both recent senators, one still serving.

Robert Byrd of West Virginia is still serving. He joined the senate in 1959 and has been serving for over 50 years.

Strom Thurmond of South Carolina served in the senate for almost 47 1/2 years, serving until January, 2003. He was 100 years old when he retired. He died later that year.

Ted Kennedy became a senator in 1962 and had been a senator for just under 47 years.

Here are more facts about the current senate, including each senator’s first year in office.

Longest-Serving Senators

April 17, 2009

I read frequently that Ted Stevens had been the longest continuously serving Republican Senator in history. So for now, who is the oldest and longest running of each party?

Stevens served from 12/24/68 to 1/3/09, for a total of just over 40 years.

At this point, there are three Democratic Senators that have served longer than that. Robert Byrd of West Virginia has served longest, since 1959. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts has served since 1962 and Daniel Inouye of Hawaii has served since 1963. The longest-serving Republican Senator currently in office is Dick Lugar from Indiana, who has served since 1977.

The oldest Senator is Robert Byrd, born in 1917, over 90 years old. The oldest Republican is the fifth oldest Senator. That’s Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, born in 1930.

Here’s a link to more information about the current Senate. And here’s a link for other useful lists on a variety of topics.

House of Representatives – By State

January 9, 2009

There are 54 new Congresspeople in the House of Representatives. The following 20 states didn’t have any changes in their representatives:

  • Alaska (1 representative)
  • Arkansas (4)
  • Delaware (1)
  • Georgia (13)
  • Hawaii (2)
  • Indiana (9)
  • Iowa (5)
  • Massachusetts (10) (All Democrats)
  • Montana (1)
  • Nebraska (3)
  • New Hampshire (2)
  • North Dakota (1)
  • Oklahoma (5)
  • Rhode Island (2)
  • South Carolina (6)
  • South Dakota (1)
  • Vermont (1)
  • Washington (9)
  • West Virginia (3)
  • Wisconsin (8 )

California’s 4th district had two changes, though the party was the same, and other than that, the remaining 52 districts reelected the incumbent.

In addition to California, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming had new people, but the parties remained the same. So that means that 29 of 50 states look exactly the same by party.

Of the 54 new representatives, 33 are Democrats and 21 are Republicans:

  • 26 switched from Republican to Democrat
  • 5 switched from Democrat to Republican
  • 17 stayed Republican
  • 6 stayed Democrat

New Mexico has three seats, and all of them are newly elected, with two seats changed from Republican to Democrat.

Here’s a list of the 2009-2010 House of Representatives.

Election Facts

November 18, 2008

Of the 50 states plus The District of Columbia, only two states split their electoral votes: Nebraska and Maine. All other states are winner-take all. Nebraska this year awarded one vote to Obama and four to McCain.  This is the first year in 44 years that Nebraska has awarded an electoral vote to a Democrat.  It is also the first year Nebraska’s votes were actually split. Electoral Votes per State are here.

President-Elect Obama will be facing difficult odds in 2012. The last time that voters re-elected three consecutive presidents to a second term was all the way back in 1820, when James Monroe was elected to a second term after two terms for Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

John McCain had the odds against him in this election. The last time a President left office and was succeeded by a member of his own party was when Ronald Reagan was succeeded by George H. W. Bush. Before that, we go all the way back to the 1928 election, when Herbert Hoover succeeded Calvin Coolidge.

More Presidential facts.

Supreme Court Appointments

November 10, 2008

Now that a Democrat is going to be President for at least four years, the issue of Supreme Court appointments changes. So which Supreme Court Justices may retire over the course of the next four years?

The oldest Supreme Court Justice is John Paul Stevens, born in 1920. Even though he was appointed by President Ford, he’s one of the more liberal Justices on the court. Second oldest is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, born in 1933 and appointed by President Clinton. Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia were both born in 1936.

The longest-serving Justice is John Paul Stevens, at 33 years, followed by Antonin Scalia at 22 years and Anthony Kennedy at 20 years.

More information about the current Supreme Court and Justices throughout history.